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ICS-400 Mobile Training

March 11, 2023 - March 12, 2023

Col. Stacy Haruguchi ( Stacy.Haruguchi@hiwgcap.org )

Application forms (links below) must be filled out and sent to your squadron commander for signature.  The squadron commander must send to the wing commander for approval and enrollment.

Application Documents:

ICS MTT Course Application Instructions

ICS MTT Course Application





All Federal/State/Local/Tribal/Private Sector & Nongovernmental personnel should take ICS-400, including:

Persons who will serve as command or general staff in an ICS organization, select department heads with multi-agency coordination system responsibilities, area commanders, emergency managers, and multi-agency coordination system/emergency operations center managers.

Training developed and conducted by State and Tribal entities as well as private training vendors at the ICS-400 level must include at a minimum, the following topical areas:

  • Command and General Staff

  • Deputies and assistants

  • Unified command

  • Organizational relationships between Area Command, Unified Command, Multi Entity Coordination Systems, and Emergency Operations centers (EOCs)

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