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Education and Training Level III

March 23, 2023, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (America/Honolulu)

Lt Col Charles "Chaz" Dryden ( charles.dryden@hiwgcap.org )
Hawaii Wing Headquarters / Teams


419 Lele St.
Honolulu HI 96819

Welcome to the Moderated Modules (MOD-MOD) of Level 3  

Greetings, and welcome to the Moderated Modules of your Level 3 experience.   

These documents will guide you onto a successful and hopefully convenient path for completing the modules that are moderated discussions with a Volunteer University instructor.  

 Attendees are expected to prepare for the discussions by:   

  • Reading the Student Guide for the module.   

  • Submitting responses to any pre-class questions posed by the instructor.  

  • Actively participating in the discussions on Teams.    

Half of the modules on this level are moderated (14 of 27).   

To access files containing Student Guides needed for LVL 3 

Go to Teams. On the left margin, there are a Channels listing. Scroll down to HIWG-VolU Level 3.   

Tap and go to the next panel. Tap the FILES tab at the top. Tap the Level 3 folder. Tap the Moderated Student Guides folder. Select and open the folders relevant to the topic(s) of your next class session 

Class sessions are virtual and will be conducted on the Teams platform. Refer to the file LVL 3 MODERATED MODULES & SESSION SEQUENCE for a listing of the modules, their sequence and equivalencies for those members who have earned military PME credentials. There are also credits for members who have completed CAP-specific training, such as IG College (IGC), National Safety Officer College (NSOC), Chaplain Corps Regional Staff College (CCRSC), and National Legal Officer College (NLOC). Check with an Education And Training (EAT) instructor If you think you may qualify for equivalencies. 


Our seven sessions will be held on the fourth (4th) Thursday of each month at 7-9 PM.  We’ll begin on March 23 and each session will cover two (2) modules. For your convenience in planning the dates are   

Mar 23 _ Apr 20_ May 18_ Jun 15_ Jul 27_ Aug 17_ Sep 21.  


Should issues or questions arise please contact any member of the Education and Training (EAT) Team.  

Capt Andrew Gomes    andrew.gomes@hiwgcap.org 808-931-0544 

Lt Col Marline Johnson  m.johnsoncap@gmail.com,    509-961-9766  

Capt Brian Lynch          brian.lynch@hiwgcap.org        808-387-1049  

Lt Col C W (Chaz) Dryden Jr  charles.dryden@hiwgcap.org  808-385-6422  


Welcome aboard. 


HIWG Director of Education and Training 


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