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Education and Training Level II Part 1

March 8, 2023, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (America/Honolulu)

Lt Col Charles "Chaz" Dryden ( charles.dryden@hiwgcap.org )
Hawaii Wing Headquarters / Teams
419 Lele St.
Honolulu HI 96819


Moderated Modules of Level 2 Pt 1 and Pt 2 on TEAMS

Greetings, and welcome to the Moderated Modules of your Level 2 experience. These documents will guide you onto a successful and hopefully convenient path for completing the moderated modules that are discussion forums with your fellow members and a Volunteer University instructor.

Attendees are expected to prepare for the discussions by:

· Reading the Student Guide for the module.

· Submitting your responses to any pre-class questions posed by the instructor.

· Actively participating in the “virtual in person” discourses on Teams.

Below is a listing of all Moderated Modules of Level 2. Study subjects in yellow based on YOUR path CORE Subjects are in BOLD face and taken by All students. Modules with a yellow High Light are specific to the Learning Path which you selected during Level 1. Please read the Student Guide(s) appropriate for your learning path in addition to the CORE guides.

LVL 2 PT 1 Accountability & Responsibility of the Adult Leader- All Paths Choosing Your Duty Assignment and Specialty Track- All Paths *Cadet Protection from the Senior Perspective-Cadet *Bringing Your Service to Civil Air Patrol-Military

LVL 2 PT 2 Mentoring-All Paths *Communication Fundamentals-Cadet & New * Basic Drill-New & Advanced (Done at unit level ) *CAP Communication Fundamentals-Military & Advanced * Leadership Fundamentals-New & Advanced * Leading Volunteers-Military

To access the files containing all of the Student Guides needed for both parts of Level 2. Go to Teams.> On left side find the TEAMS list > Scroll to HIWG-VolU CLICK > Scroll to Level 2 CLICK > Find Level 2 POSTS-FILES CLICK Files > Find Level 2 Folder CLICK> Moderated Student Guides-ALL PATHS folder. Details are on this linked page. PART 2\MOD MODULES BY PATH\LVL 2 MOD MODS BY PATH NOV19 2021.docx

Read the CORE Guides (green) & those pertaining to your learning path (yellow). Sessions are virtual and conducted on the TEAMS PLATFORM

Should issues or questions arise please contact any member of the Education and Training (EAT) Team.

Capt Andrew Gomes andrew.gomes@hiwgcap.org 808-931-0544

Lt Col Marline Johnson Marlene.Johnson@hiwgcap.org 509-961-9766

Capt Brian Lynch Brian.Lynch@hiwgcap.org 808-387-1049

Lt Col C W (Chaz) Dryden Jr charles.dryden@hiwgcap.org 808-385-6422

- Welcome aboard

Lt. Col Charles "Chaz" Dryden

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