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CAP Aircrew Joins Search for downed plane off Maui

December 17, 2022

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On Friday, December 16 2022, Maui County Composite Squadron mission pilot Lt Col Wayne Denesik along with Mission Observer and Scanner Capt Darryl Ng and Lt Edward Taomoto joined with the Coast Guard along with two other Civil Air Patrol Aircrews from Hilo in the search for the missing air ambulance off the coast of Maui Yesterday.  Earlier this morning, crews from around the Hawaii Wing were taken off of training for the Wing's new WALDO imaging devices to join in the search.  There were, unfortunately, no sign of the three crew members that were onboard.  The search continues today.

The WALDO imaging device was recently delivered from California to help with surveying the eruption at Mauna Loa earlier in the month and has the ability to capture objects less than 12cm wide from 3,000 feet.  The use of the WALDO imaging devices in searching for the downed aircraft will assist in gathering a wide field of images to allow analysts to spot any debris from the crash that may still be floating on the ocean surface.  This new capability is just being introduced into Hawaii through the Civil Air Patrol and will aid us in providing valuable imaging for future emergencies and damage assessment missions. 

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