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Hawaii wing Civil Air Patrol helps in F-22 intercept mission training for Sentry Shield

May 19, 2021

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The Hawaii Air National Guard constantly trains to execute intercepts on various targets, and because wayward light aircraft pilots straying where they shouldn't is a constant source of scrambles, this training includes intercepting Cessnas from the Civil Air Patrol

HIWG CAP was asked if They would like to participate in a KOA Shield mission on May 13th, 2021. The mission was for a flight crew to fly a Cessna into “restricted airspace” and have the Hawaii Air National Guard F-22s scramble to intercept us. Oahu and Maui squadrons committed to helping in this mission. 

Maui CAP 057 got down near Kona, Hawaii, out in the middle of the pacific ocean and we were told by 12pm the F-22s would be on us. 12:10pm comes up and off our four and eight o’clock we see two F-22's slowly approaching us. 

They confirmed we’re the aircraft in question and were entering into restricted airspace. Over the comms we hear, repeated three times, “Red, White and Blue Cessna, CAP 5189 (N891CP) you are entering restricted airspace. Please turn left to a heading of 230." 

We were instructed to ignore any communication between us. After their third attempt of contacting us you can see they get really close to our left wing. Still, we can’t acknowledge them. After a few passes they disappear. Minutes go by as we’re trying to find them, then BAM they perform a hammer head right in front of our Cessna to intimidate/grab our attention to turn around.

All in all, it was an awesome experience that we would do again in a heartbeat."

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