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Maui County Composite Squadron brings on new members a couple times a year during open houses. This allows new members to be placed in a cohort and complete a program we call "Great Start". The intent is that the new members are trained to the same level of understanding and more importantly, make joining and working with us as easy as possible!


Cadets are members that are between the ages of 12-18 at the time of joining, once a cadet has joined prior to their 19th birthday, they can remain a cadet until age 21.

If you are interested in learning how Cadets join our squadron, use this link : Cadet Cohorts

Adults (Senior Members)

Adult members are referred to as Senior Members by the Civil Air Patrol and join at age 18 or older. There a myriad of programs for adults in the Civil Air Patrol, ranging from Cadet Programs to Emergency Services across 20+ specialty tracks.

If you are interested in learning how Adults join our squadron, use this link : Adult Cohorts

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